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Eyeliner tattoo

Beautiful eyes with minimum effort

The whole purpose of eye make-up is to draw attention to the eyes. It’s tricky to get right but very easy to get wrong if you’re not specially trained or lack experience of applying cosmetics.

That’s why eyeliner tattoos are a brilliant alternative to the daily rigmarole of applying your eye make-up by hand. They guarantee you long-lasting results and perfect make-up every day for several years.

Good to know

Eyeliner tattoos are a form of semi-permanent eye make-up that uses a specialist tool to add colour just above or between the eyelash line.

Together, our eyeliner tattoo alongside and lash treatments create a stunning effect, using fine or thicker lines of colour to give the appearance of more lashes and helping to give your eyes better definition and make them appear more striking.

There are many advantages that come from opting for an eyeliner tattoo ahead of conventional, manually applied eye make-up.

The key benefit to using an eyeliner tattoo is that it’s a long-lasting semi-permanent alternative that guarantees you’ll have perfect eye make-up every day, will never have to go through the nightly routine of removing make-up and over the lifetime of the treatment will save yourself hours of time in front of the mirror.

But there are other benefits, too.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of natural colour combinations to create a shade that exactly matches your skin tone and helps to frame your eyes to make them more alluring.

And because your eyeliner tattoo is semi-permanent, you’ll never have to worry about your eye make-up smudging, running or wearing off.

With both our treatments, you can decide exactly how subtle or dramatic you want the effect to be, ensuring you create a look that perfectly suits your own personal style.

Yes, in fact if you have sensitive eyes, it’s an ideal solution that can mean the end of the discomfort you might experience from wearing mascara and eyeliner. It’s also a perfect option for people who wear contact lenses and those who find it difficult to apply eye make-up due to unsteady hands.

Because the pigment is applied to the epidermis – the top layer of skin – and we use numbing creams, most patients experience only a tickling sensation.

Your eyeliner tattoo should last between 12-18 months, although the exact time depends on the natural skin renewal process and your own personal grooming routine. For example, we recommend you avoid exfoliation to preserve your semi-permanent eye make-up for longer.

You can expect our lash treatments to last between 6 and 9 months. This shorter period makes lash work popular for those who want to try out semi-permanent make-up before opting for longer-lasting treatments.

Once you book in for a consultation, we’ll sit down with you and talk through your reasons for choosing semi-permanent eye make-up and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you have pictures that inspire you, bring those along to your appointment, too!

Using our expertise and years of experience, we’ll then advise you on the best shape and/or colour options to achieve a personal style that works for you.

During your treatment, you’ll experience a buzzing sensation as the needle moves along the lash line to apply the colour.

Although the skin is being broken, there should be no bleeding, and because the area has been properly numbed, you may feel a slight tickling sensation, but no pain or discomfort.

Aftercare and maintenance

Your eyeliner tattoo treatment or lash line enhancement should heal very rapidly, but you should follow this advice for the first 7 to 10 days to ensure your treatment is successful and problem-free:

To maintain the lasting effect of your treatment, consider the following:

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If you’ve always wanted to achieve a stunning look with your eye make-up but have never quite managed to achieve the results you were after, why not book a consultation with us and find out how semi-permanent eye make-up can change the way you look and the way others see you.

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