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Beginner Eyeliner & Lip Enhancing

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As with conventional make-up, semi-permanent make-up naturally focuses mainly on the key facial features – the lips and eyes.

This course introduces the fundamental theory, cosmetic science and practical guidance of creating stunning flawless results for the mouth and the eyes through semi-permanent make-up.

Taken alongside our Beginner’s Digital Microshading & Microblading Training course, this comprehensive training teaches you everything you need to begin your journey to a full semi-permanent make-up accreditation.

As with all our courses, our Beginner Eyeliner and Lips course is also certificated and accredited and contributes to full accreditation for those who complete it successfully and go on to continue their studies.

This interactive and dynamic training is delivered by Sian Dellar, the award-winning and highly respected founder of Sian Dellar Semi-Permanent Make-Up.

Over the duration of the course, you’ll cover:

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing accentuates lips, creating a fuller, lush beauty that improves lip definition and looks entirely natural. You’ll learn how to build up layers of using specialist digital equipment that deposits pigment gently into the lips.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to use a digital needle to add colour above and between the eyelash line. The course also covers lash treatments, which can be used alongside semi-permanent eyeliner to improve eye and create a striking look.

Who would benefit from our Beginner Course for Eyeliner and Lips?

This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to start a career in semi-permanent make-up and wants to learn the basics of this amazing and transformational craft by mastering one area at a time.

With a blend of theory, science and practical tasks, you’ll learn the relationship between the different facial features, how to apply semi-permanent make-up so each feature enhances the others, and the various techniques needed to achieve exceptional results.

What’s included in our Beginner Course for Eyeliner and lip semi permanent Make-Up?

Our fully accredited one-to-one training includes:

Skin, Anatomy and physiology

Health, Safety and infection control

Design and artistry

Consultation and aftercare

Colour Theory

Skin types and tones

Equipment & supplies

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our Beginner Course for Eyeliner and Lips, or to book your place on an upcoming session, please get in touch.

You can also find out about our Beginner level courses for microblading and microshading, and eye and full face semi-permanent make-up here.

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