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7 Reasons Ombre Powder Brows Are Getting More Buzz

The beauty industry has to be one of the most fast-paced due to the constantly changing trends. So, we get it if you want to dot all your I’s before jumping on yet another make-up trend. That said, we assure you that having compared the crazy brow trends over the years, ombre powder brows surely stands out.

If you struggle to fill your eyebrow every day, it is only normal to want a semi-permanent option. Even people who have tried microblading are happy with ombre brow because of the added benefits it provides.

In this article, we explain what ombre brows are all about and the reason they are getting more popular by the day. Ready? Let’s go!

Ombre Power Brows

What are ombre powder brows?

Ombre is not a new term in the beauty world. If you are like us who keep up with trends, you will have heard of ombres in hairs and nails. Now we have it in brows – and it is here to stay.

Like others in the ombre brand, ombre powder brows are famous for their unique touch that combines strong tones in a fading style.

This brow styling technique is designed so that the colour tone fades from the tail to the front. The result is a natural powdery design with bold tails and a soft front. That’s not all.

This shading technique uses a semi-permanent pigment as seen in microblading. This pigment is applied as plenty little dots to create the illusion of a fuller and natural brow.

Why the buzz about ombre powder brows?

Ombre brow is less painful

If you are scared of the pain that comes with microblading, then you will be happy to hear that this new brow styling technique is way less painful compared to microblading.

The microblading technique involves repeated cutting into your skin. This method is more invasive than the ombre brow technique.

The Ombre brow technique is more about placing dots than cutting into the skin. It also uses a completely different machine compared to what is used in microblading.

Therefore, it makes sense that the ombre styling technique is less painful.

Ombre brows are perfect for all skin types

One other place ombre powder brows stand out is the compatibility with every skin type and age.

Whether your skin type is oily, dry, or combination, you do not need to worry about your skin type if you are using the ombre styling technique.

The colour and shape appears normal and bright irrespective of your skin type. That’s a very impressive improvement considering that microblading is all about skin type.

In fact, your skin type plays a role in the result and aftercare needs. But that’s not the case for ombre brows.

It is perfect for all skin types, skin sensitivity, and ages.

Ombre brows are more natural-looking

This is 2022. We have outgrown the years of weird looking eyebrows.

If it isn’t Instagram worthy, we want no part of it. While ombre brows are obviously ink-based, the technique leaves you with perfectly shaped and makeup-like brows that are as natural as can be.

You could stare at it all day and still find no difference. This is one of the primary reasons this new brow style is getting all the buzz.

After all, we want our brows to be as perfect as can be. If you are getting a semi-permanent brow, it better be one you can be proud of even after a couple of months.

Ombre Eyebrows

Ombre brows last longer

Let’s be honest. It’s so tiring having to fill your eyebrows every day.

Your makeup takes longer and sometimes you still don’t get that perfect shape you want. Worse, you have to repeat the process the next day.

Well, not anymore. We bring you good news. With ombre brows, you can get the perfect eyebrows for up to 5 years!

Yes, 5 years! You can sleep and even bathe without  ruining them. They are waterproof and can last for as long as possible with proper touch-up.

This will solve half (if not all) of your makeup problems. No more struggling to get both brows to look the same every day. You wake up flawless every day!

Ombre brows are fuller

Who said you can’t get fuller brows because of your hair or skin?

Fuller brows are part of the ombre powder brows natural look. The pixelated technique ensures the result appears as though your natural brows are long, full, and sitting pretty at all times.

The powdery nature also gives it a natural look like you were born like this.

Ombre technique is less invasive

Generally, tattoos are associated with pain. If it involves a needle, you are certain it will hurt.

However, the pain does vary a great deal. Besides using anaesthetic creams to numb the area, the technique also determines how much pain you get to feel during and afterwards.

For instance, microblading is way more invasive compared to ombre powder brows.

The instrument used to cut into the skin in microblading accounts for the pain felt. Since less cutting is involved in ombre brows, rest assured a different instrument is used and that means less invasion and less pain.

Ombre brows are easier to maintain

Aftercare is an important factor to consider once you choose to get any of the semi-permanent eyebrows.

Since they last for several months, you definitely need proper care to keep them fresh and as natural as the first few months.

Now, this is where it gets tricky because aftercare requirements differ with the techniques.

With ombre brows, rest assured you won’t spend all your money and time on aftercare. It is very easy to maintain and requires less touch up over the years.

Ombre powder brows are making headlines – and for good reasons. Given the longevity and impressive result, we can see why everyone is jumping on this trend. We hope this article helps your decision-making process. For professional help, don’t hesitate to contact Sian Dellar. We are here to help!

Ombre powder brows are making headlines – and for good reasons. Given the longevity and impressive result, we can see why everyone is jumping on this trend.

We hope this article helps your decision-making process. For professional help, don’t hesitate to contact Sian Dellar. We are here to help!

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